Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diversity, One Beer at a Time

Aside from the minor tedious nature of a 6-plus minute slide show, there's plenty to like about MillerCoors posting scenes from its 2011 diversity summit on YouTube.

I like linking diversity to the fundamental goals of the business: "Diversity Sells Beer." Or a clear focus on "regular employees" from different backgrounds, not executives in $1000 suits. (Although diversity initiatives really catch fire only when senior leaders actively champion such change.) Capturing key points on whiteboards, and chronicling them in stills (and video) isn't a bad way to keep these learnings close at hand.

It's not a Joe Sedelmeier film, but it works.

The disappointment, however: MillerCoors' video has had a stunning 116 views as of this blog post. MillerCoors' parent, SABMiller.plc, has 70,000 employees worldwide. If only 10 percent are MillerCoors employees, that still leaves a stunning gap between the number of views and MillerCoors' workforce. And it says they aren't leveraging this video in recruitment of new candidates, either.

Where's the disconnect? MillerCoors is a company that's committed to diversity and inclusion -- but not telling people about that commitment. Either on its own website or via social media.

Rule No. One of PR: do the right thing and get credit for it.