Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rule Number One: Do Not Lie to the Media

Like Gibbs on TV's NCIS, I have a few rules. They do not involve serving as a Marine sniper, but they'll work in most public relations circumstances. Here's my top ten:

Rule No. 1: Don't lie to the media. 

Rules 2-10: Don't lie to the media. 

Journalists have access to a printing press. A broadcast signal. A website. Social media. And, when wronged, reporters will not hesitate a moment to use them. Especially if reporters are lied to.

Nothing says this better than the article at the following link, courtesy of PR entrepreneur Peter Shankman:

Lesson: if you're a PR person and your client asks you to lie, hand him/her your phone. Ask the client to do the fibbing. Maybe his reputation can handle it. Yours can't.