Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Google's diversity hat trick is 2/3 complete

Hats off to Google for opening their wallet where it's needed: in diversifying its workforce.
Geneva Hats. Photo (c) DKassnoff, 2014.

Google is paying to help women and minorities learn to write computer code, according to Business Insider. A month ago, the company admitted it didn't have enough women or people of color in those IT jobs, and cited a lack of women and minorities studying IT to assume those jobs.

This, tied with its $50 million "Made with Code" initiative, are fine steps toward ensuring a more diverse workforce.

But, as I wrote here a month ago, Google's diversity effort is only 2/3 complete. Transforming the Internet colossus into a more-diverse business will really succeed if it also diversifies its leadership ranks. That's where the biggest gaps existed, according to Google's own numbers. Women and multicultural executives are essential to creating a business culture that's consistently mindful of the need for continued focus on diversity.

Good move, Google.