Monday, November 10, 2014

Video with restroom acoustics

PR people know how to tell and sell a story. They know how to persuade.

They don't always know how to promote themselves.

This week, an agency sent a pitch and a link to their YouTube channel. They offered a series of 90-second clips showcasing their wisdom regarding social media. Here's one:

Each of their videos sounded like it was recorded in a restroom. At a fast-food restaurant. Not how I'd want to come across on the web.

PR is a business of persuasion. You must persuade clients that you know your topic, know your media targets -- and you know what you're doing.

I'm sure these people are smart. But when you post videos with poor audio quality, or don't re-shoot segments in which a speaker makes an obvious on-camera flub, you're not persuading anyone. You're only telling me that you don't attend to the quality of content that's the meat of social media.

Truly smart shops recognize that you can't persuade anyone with video shot on an iPhone, using an on-camera mike.

Some tips to avoid this:

  • Hire staff who know video and audio production. 
  • Purchase those services from external vendors. 
  • Buy a camera that can accept an off-camera mike.
  • Get over to a studio where the acoustics aren't school-corridor dreadful.

If you're going to self-promote using video, you must be sure the video content reflects the quality of your brand -- visually and audibly.