Monday, August 3, 2015

Angle adjustments: $7. Scintillating prose is extra.

I was feeling a little blue the other day. So I looked online for something to amuse me. A news release with poor prose usually brings a smile to my face.

I didn't need to look far. At, I found sentences like these:
  • "The advancement in science and technology has escalated the living standard of the people to far greater heights." 
  • "Thousands of customers have already made it the integral part of their life and many more are on the verge of getting it soon."
  • "Why is the reason that this USB Adjust Angle has received such a substantial response within a short period of time? Well, many people still wonder; however, the users have already got the answers."
These aren't the observations of a drunken platinum futures salesperson in Des Moines. They are all direct excerpts from a news release for a "Conveniently Adjustable Mini USB Adjust Angle for Night Book Reading."
The product is a run-of-the-mill USB-powered lamp that a user can plug into a port on a laptop. This enables you to view the keyboard in the dark. It costs $7.

About as much as the company spent on writing its news release.

I'm not certain how an 8.5-inch bending lamp can illuminate a book for nighttime reading. The news release isn't crystal clear on this. The headline itself never uses the words "lamp" or "light."

When you find the lamp online, you'll notice that the "substantial response" consists of eight five-star ratings on Some of which may not be from actual purchasers of this LED wonder.

Be warned: MyPRGenie is in the business of taking customers' money and allowing them to publish their own badly written news releases. I have yet to meet the news editor who can attest to using a news release generated by MyPRGenie -- a company that might be taken more seriously if it edited its clients' news releases.

Or told them to hire a real writer.