Monday, November 23, 2015

Job search before the turkey calls

Thanksgiving's around the corner. I don't wish to stand between you and your Butterball. So I'll be brief.

I often tell students that public relations is "doing the right thing and getting credit for it." Other times, I say -- with apologies to Leonard Nimoy -- that PR is "a wreath of pretty flowers which smells bad."

But, no matter what I say about PR, says it worse. Much worse.

Try searching for a public relations job on This is what you'd find in Buffalo, NY:

Of the "public relations opportunities" served up in this message, only the "Sr. Marketing Analyst/ Communications Specialist position could reasonably include PR duties.

(The Public Relations Director job at Superior Group is a paid ad that's been up for weeks, which means Superior Group -- a contract employer -- may have filled it already.)

The others? Who knows? The Infant-Toddler Specialist position? The restaurant manager? Each may call for dealing with a certain constituency -- unhappy parent, unhappy diner, unhappy employee, reeeallly unhappy baby. But that's not public relations. 

[Bizarro Interview Moment: "I have considerable binkie expertise, both right and left handed."]

Whoever writes the code that gurgles up's search results needs to get his or her act together. Public relations isn't running a restaurant. It doesn't involve running a Presbyterian church. If I were job-searching and sent my resume in to the restaurant manager job, they wouldn't hire me -- despite my considerable PR experience. Because the job requires experience managing a restaurant. 

You want real PR job opportunities? PRSA's website and the IABC's career center list real PR jobs. No experience with toddlers required. 

Although you might want to pack a binkie, in case you meet a nap-deprived hiring manager.

Good luck with your search, and Happy Thanksgiving.