Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A practically perfect business blog

Today, I'm sharing a link to a 2013 post on the Disney Parks blog, written by my friend and colleague Bernadette Davis. Bernadette is a communications manager for the Disney Parks in Florida, and often helps out in special events that take place on the property.

Bernadette's post isn't a deep exploration of some industry topic, nor is it an essay on Florida tourism.  It's not an ad masquerading as a blog, either. It does share some interesting news about an event hosted by Disney that focuses on giving young people a closer look at career opportunities in sports.

What makes this blog post successful?
  • You get a small glimpse of Bernadette -- her interests, her family, and what she does -- in a brief sentence. Personalization is important in a blog post.
  • Her blog gives exposure to a newsworthy activity that might not gain visibility if shared as a conventional news release. It shows that Disney's corporate responsibility extends well beyond Soarin' and character autograph sessions. (Both of which are fun experiences!)
  • The blog post uses a few well-lit, engaging photos that don't look like everyday snapshots from a Disney venue. 
  • It demonstrates Disney's engagement in diversity and inclusion, without hitting the reader over the head with its message.
  • Bernadette's post provides links to richer, more detailed information about the MEAC/SWAC Challenge football game. The blog post itself is an on-ramp to a web page with richer details, but the post itself stays short and specific.
Not every blog post takes this path. But when you share a short, engaging story that shows a different side of your organization's work, you help change customers' assumptions, and expand how they view your business.  

And you leave readers with one new idea about your brand that they might not have known before. That's what a business blog can do.